Top 10 Best Offline Android Games to Play Without Internet

Top 10 Best Offline Android Games to Play Without Internet

With games like PUBG and Pokémon GO taking the popularity lead we believe people have given up their hopes in the offline games. No doubt online games give the connectivity to play with multiple players but offline games offer a lot of smoothness when the internet is not actively responding. Let’s check out the list of top 10 offline android games which can be played without internet.

Alto’s Odyssey

This dark theme game is widely accredited by tech blogs. It also holds the Apple Design Award Winner 2018. If you like playing running games like Temple Run or Subway Surfer then Alto’s Odyssey will also entertain you.

Really Bad Chess

This mobile video is game based on a normal chess and developer Zach Gage made all the efforts to make it as true as real chess. It was earlier developed for iOS but since 2017 it is available to Android users as well.

Mazes & More

How big you’re a fan of puzzle games as they’re available since the start of bar phones. Mazes & More might not excite you like the movie Maze Runner but its classic design and easy accessibility will keep you intact for long.

Big Little Farmer Offline Form

This has always been popular among the farm lovers. Playing Big Little Farmer Offline Form is like having an animated experience of farming roles while being in an urban tech world. From cultivating and harvesting crops to raising poultry animals, their farmland offers a lot of opportunities to learn about the agricultural rural side of life.

Special Forces Group 2

There’s no genre of game which can replace action. This is among the most popular genres in the gaming community. And having a 3D action game which can be played offline as well pleases just the same as the birthday present. Special Forces Group 2 is a single-player game with bots obviously but can be played with multiplayer being online.

Once Upon a Tower

It’s a nicely presented royal animated game where it is as obvious you’ve rescued the queen from the dragon. Once Upon a Tower added a twist to the orthodox story, here you will find the prince dead and the princess has to rescue herself by kick some butt. If you’re an orthodox gamer then it will surely remind you of some old school games like Mario.

Tank Hero: Laser Wars

Do you like Tank games, even if you don’t this one will not bore you. You got laser cannon to destroy all other tanks present there on the map. The virtual joystick is provided as a controller but you can shoot anything with a single tap on the screen.

Overkill 3

This is a true-sci-fi game where you have to defend generator by killing enemies with high-voltage lightning. You’ll get to play the good guy here and have to cruel people who want control over the people. Make some shots, save innocent people and be the hero.

Blazing Sniper

Sniper games are at peak nowadays. With the introduction of games like PUBG, everyone is looking forward to completing their dream “HEADSHOT” so those who aren’t good at PUBG can do a good practice in Blazing Sniper for headshots.

Smash Hit

Last but not least, Smash Hit; famous for being one of the most offline addictive game. It’s really fun to play this. You have to play the role of a shooter but you won’t be shooting bullets instead you get to throw steel balls at glass objects to break them into pieces.


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