Top 10 Romantic Places To Visit In Chandigarh For Couples

Top 10 Romantic Places To Visit In Chandigarh For Couples

Chandigarh is one of the most romantic cities of India. Not many cities of India have the blending of traditional and modern features but Chandigarh is one of them.  Chandigarh is also a great getaway to the vibrant hills of Himachal, Uttarakhand and further north.

10 Best Dating Places In Chandigarh For Couples

So, there is no question of asking if Chandigarh is an awesome place to stay. Chandigarh is the spot for young couples in Punjab. It is like a paradise for lovers & couples and offers a number of beautiful parks and gardens to hang out. If you are new in Chandigarh and don’t have any Idea that where to go in Chandigarh with your loved one then here we are going to help you by listing down the Top Romantic Dating Places in Chandigarh for Couples to have a merry time together.

Rose Garden

Rose Garden, located at sector 16 of Chandigarh, is a place to relax amid nature. Roses are a symbol of love and romance and it plays a very important role in love life. In this beautiful garden, couples get the opportunity to express their feelings among 50,000 rose bushes that have more than 1500 species of roses from all over the world.

Garden of fragrances

For the couples, the garden of fragrances is like heaven. It has so many beautiful flower plants such as Jasmine, Rose, Raat Ki Rani and many more. The environment is fully magical here because of the ultimate fragrances of these flowers. Couples feel as if they are out of the world and their body gets rejuvenated when they spend time here.

Sukhna Lake

As we all know that lakes are always the symbol of love. Sukhna Lake is an artificial lake at the foothills of Himalayas. It’s not only the lake which casts a beautiful sight but if you look upwards, you can see the clear blue skyline, which is quite pretty! Apart from this, the lake is also a sanctuary for many exotic migratory birds like the Siberian duck, Storks and Cranes during winter. So, you can spend quality and private time with your loved one at Sukhna Lake. Sukhna Lake has a very natural view so enjoy a memorable time with your loved one at Sukhna Lake Chandigarh.

Rock Garden

Rock Garden is one of the famous places for couples. It is well designed and perfect place for lovers. The Chandigarh Rock Garden is now acknowledged as one of the modern wonders of the world.

Terraced flower garden

Terrace garden in Chandigarh is located in sector 33. The main attraction factor of the terraced flower garden is its lighted musical fountain, where popular folk, as well as film songs, are played. This garden is always full of colours and its 12-month chrysanthemums show. Cool wind and peaceful surroundings of this garden create special moments for the couples.

New Lake Sector 42

This is situated at sec-42 Chandigarh and has a very decent view at night and early morning. It does not have many visitors but locals and young couples find it an ideal place to spend some quality time with loved ones.

Pinjore garden

It is one of the best couple hangout places in Chandigarh. Pinjore garden is surrounded by numerous beautiful places that serve as ideal destinations for excursions. It is one of the preferred couple parks in Chandigarh.

Butterfly Park

Butterfly Park in Chandigarh is situated in front of the main entrance of Chandigarh College of Engineering and Technology in sector 26 of Chandigarh. This park has 35 species of butterflies in the park like Common Grass Yellow, Apefly, Blue Mormon, Chocolate pansy and Commander, Common Blue Bottle and Angled Castor etc. Butterfly Park is the symbol of liveliness and energy of life and is together and is considered as one of the most romantic places in Chandigarh.

Bougainvillea Park

Bougainvillea Park is located in sector-3 Chandigarh. This garden exhibits different varieties of bougainvillaea flowers. The bougainvillaea park is loved by the couples for its colourfulness and marvellous beauty as couples could soothe their eyes with 65 varieties of bougainvillea. The park contains creepers that cover a large collection of bowers, arches, pavilions and arcades. The popular annual Bougainvillea show is hosted here. Fitness tracks have also been laid over here.

Mainland China

It is the best choice for Chinese food lovers. Mainland China has varieties of Chinese dishes like noodles, soup, shrimps, lobsters and dimsums. Perfect environment and well-arranged sitting keep calling couple here to spend some quality time.

These are the most romantic and safe places in Chandigarh for couples. Couples can enjoy some quality time on these places in Chandigarh.


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